Middle Eastern Pickled Turnip Recipe

Pickled Turnip
This easy recipe is so tasty you will want to add it to your pickle repertoire.

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  • Type
  • Vegetarian
  • Level
  • Easy
  • Prep Time
  • 30 Minutes
  • Total Time
  • 2 Days
  • Yield
  • No limit
Tools You Will Need:
1 mason glass jar
1 tsp
1 big bowl
1 cup 
6-7 small to medium fresh turnips  
3 small beets
2½ tsp rough sea-salt
1 hot green pepper, sliced
3 tender celery stalks, chopped
1 cup warm water
1½ cup natural vinegar
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1. Peel the turnips and the beets and slice them ½ inches thick.

2. Place slices in a big bowl and mix them with the sea-salt. Let sit for 12

3. Remove slices together with the water that has come out and put them in the jar along with the hot pepper and celery

4. Add the warm water and vinegar. If the liquids don’t fill up the jar then
add some more water or vinegar.

5. Put the jar in a sunny spot; after 2 days the pickled turnip is ready.
Best Served With: Tahini Paste

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Do you refrigerate them or can they stand at room temperature without setting the bottles in boiling water?
Brian, Fri Nov 18, 2011
I have been making these pickles all my life. this is the basic recipe and it works great if you follow it. you can also add 2 garlic cloves to the water cut in half or thirds. it add a nice flavor to the pickles.this same recipe can be used to make pickled cornflower. cut up into bite size sections and follow the same method as for the turnips..GREAT FOR MAZZA SIDE DISHES,
THE SULTAN, Sat Oct 29, 2011
very tasty. I finally found a recipe. Am I supposed to refrigerate these?
christine Rotelli, Thu Sep 01, 2011
I'm a little confused. The recipe calls for celery and a hot pepper in the ingredients list but doesn't mention them at all in the directions. Are these added in step 4 along with the water and vinegar?
Lee, Wed Jun 29, 2011
This is the only legitimate turnip recipe for me. Basically I don't like turnips, but these pickled turnips have an absolutely different and better taste.
Henry, Wed Jun 22, 2011
Made these to put on my falafel,so easy and so good. Make them all the time just to snack on.
Jay B., Tue Oct 12, 2010
I love homemade pickles, so I tried these pickled turnips. I pickled them for 1 more day, since I love well done pickles, and I didn't regret that
Donald C, Sat Jan 30, 2010
I love this recipe. I made a pita bread sandwich with pickled turnips and schug and it was delicious
Alex, Mon Jan 18, 2010
my mother used to make this all the time. turnips and beets are a great combination. Its a wonderful side dish.
Asaf, Mon Jan 11, 2010